born Germany
brought up in Berlin
studied architecture - University of the Arts (former HdK), Berlin
1988 works for architects in London
studied fine art sculpture - Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

Tutor at Hochschule für Künstlerische Gestaltung Linz, Austria
Studio residency Schöppingen, NRW, Germany
1997 moves to London, GB
1998-2001 lives in New York
1999-2000 Studio residency World Trade Center- Lower Manhattan Cultural Council New York
since 2001 lives and works in London, Great Britain
Martina Geccelli

Martina Geccelli’s work is primarily based on photography in connection with architectural and sculptural conditions. Her work focuses on external and internal spatial aspects. Space is defined by its limitations, the physical outlines and that in between.

Geccelli’s recent works are showing arranged still life of the every day object. The objects are books, boxes, bottles,bags and household utensils. The selection for a group of things is a decision making process. Objects are standing in relation with each other.
When dealing with ideas she is interested in showing the visible. The making of an observation, where one experiences an exploration into emerging visible constellations and connections, formulates her approach to the images itself.
Her work is formed by a conceptual outline, where she selects objects around a defined theme. In producing different series on each subject, Geccelli is always dealing with a common object in an arranged setting. Hereby she is interested in the definition of the object by its outlines, its (imprinted) message and its relation to others- to us.

Before moving into the studio her work was site based.
Since1995 Geccelli is working on urban photography projects. Selecting a defined area in a city, such as a single street, a dense quarter, a street block, she walks the streets and captures what emerges in front of her as markable. The uneven setting, the place of somehow‘in-between’, are the zones of focus. Interested to catch the facts of the changing and shifting environment, the artist documents urban settings behind the official thoroughfares. A little addition within an urban space, the twist in a smooth setting, the improvised, these are the focus points on location.

The smallest unit in the city could be a building itself. In 2000 Geccelli received a studio residency in the World Trade Center in New York. Her project in this secluded building was dealing with vacant office spaces, which were called 'Suites'. Often left in a rush these spaces defined themselves by their markings. The spaces are in a stage of in between: moving out; leaving and restarting. The vacant space is still occupied. Geccelli is dealing with the topography of the space. The events of September 11th. have in retrospect imposed on the readability of her work.

Since that time Martina Geccelli is also working on interior photography. She photographs in residential, as well as public buildings. Sometimes the found setting is treated as a Still Life: the camera concentrates on details of the room, pointing towards the detail. Here she does not disturb the found arrangements. People are placing things, useful or decorative, in their every day routine. Traces of that routine are left like markings.

“I look at things as if for the first time, in order to explore so far unnoticed aspects.”

To see
Is to forget
the names of the thing
one sees
Paul Valery